A Quick Read About Higher Education

Seeing as this blog is all about ‘Shifting Perspectives’, what is going on in higher education right now? I’ve long been an adjunct and professor at a handful of universities and have served students for many years as a mentor, supervisor, and educator. This landscape of Covid-19 is changing everything!

What are you your thoughts about higher education, in the era of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic? How do students maintain an education and momentum in their studies if they can’t interact with the world around them? I don’t have the answers, but I do know that higher education is changing drastically as well speak.

Become a perspective shifter by placing your comments below. What can we do as higher education faculty to help students move through their educational experiences when campuses are closed, the future of campus-based learning is unknown, and online education is challenging to navigate? Or is it? You tell me!



2 thoughts on “A Quick Read About Higher Education

  1. I’ve been teaching online and blended learning for several years now. I suggest all instructors, profs, and lecturers take at least one class with an ed tech focus so that they can understand online pedagogies, because yep, things are changing.

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