Meant to Educate

One of the big core issues in life that people struggle with is purpose. It took me many many years to realize that my purpose was in front of me and all around me my entire life. Since a little girl I always wanted to be a professor. I always wanted to teach others. I’m never known myself as an expert or knowing the truth, but I hope that my experiences and training including my own struggles with life inspire others.

Being able to know what your life purposes is not an easy task. But, I know I was meant to educate. What are you meant to do? Not what you want to do, but what are you meant to do? How is your personality and outlook on life shaped the way that you interact with the world? What are you pulled towards? I was meant to educate. How do I know I was meant educate? Because since my early years as a child I have always wanted to learn. And then I always found it very exciting to share with others what I have learned.

cropped-400dpilogo.jpgI don’t think there was any excellent parenting that went into play with my early childhood, but more so a general interest in understanding the world around me. My parents always supported me in any learning that I wanted to participate in and challenged me to succeed and not make bad decisions. But, that never changed the reasons why I have made bad decisions. We all make bad decisions. But understanding what you’re meant to do gives you a compass to guide you.

Let this blog be a place for you to take a few minutes out of your day to conduct some self reflection and thoughtful, deep critical thinking. About what? About you, your life, and the way you think



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