Finding ‘YOUR’ Keywords

If my upcoming words enlighten anyone, then this post is not for nothing. 

I was going through my laptop files and looking around at old documents that I’ve saved. I came across an old business plan I wrote about 5 years ago discussing my thoughts and projections of what ‘Pull The Roots Out’ could accomplish. I had great vision (and still do). The business plan was about 10 pages and represented pure bliss, reminisce, and appreciation for what I’ve accomplished since then. 

One thing that I noticed throughout the business plan was repeated words and a list that described the areas that, in one or two words, described what I offered and who I identified as. There were also some power words too! Perhaps I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t forget the words being important to the development and vision of Pull The Roots Out. 

Now, switch gears with me for a moment – as of late, I have been working diligently, day and night, night and day, on all of my websites and outreach of my voice through Pull The Roots Out (this blog, my main website, e-coaching, and a podcast). As I’ve connected accounts together and learned more about e-marketing it’s come to my attention that having ‘keywords’ will help others find me? LOL! I’m a smart woman but all of the tags, keywords, metatags – it’s all so confusing and not sure spending much time on them is important. Let’s face it, I hardly know how to tag things in my Twitter account! I’m not behind, I’m just not ahead either with the whole use of technology…I’ll get better! 🙂

I’ve struggled with being creative with word choice. I’ve pretty much given up on using keywords on my websites and I’ve become discouraged.

But today when I was going through my old business plan in my laptop, keywords jumped out on the screen at me!  MY keywords were there all along! The list in the business plan was of what was basically short-hand descriptors turned into my keywords; words that can briefly describe related content in my writing! Right? I think that’s what they’re for – anyhow, I’ve put them together in a word cloud below!

You never know where you are going to get inspiration from to find ‘your keywords’.

I hope you find your keywords soon! 



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