As a devoted Buddhist, I love anyone and everyone.

The bigotry I’ve experienced for my simple belief of ‘loving kindness and compassion for all’ is insane; my beliefs are received by others poorly – resulting in verbal abuse and demonstrated intolerance towards me.

I am allowed to believe that All Lives Matter because I will walk with the lonely, the group, the exposed, the under represented, and just anyone.

I’ll follow the black sheep of the heard while they walk away from the rest or I’ll sit with the rest and seek understanding of the bigotry towards the black sheep – so I can best serve by informed understanding of how to help everyone.

I’m not perfect and everyone experiences pain and suffering….ANYONE.

#ITOO have experienced pain and suffering.

#ITOO am the black sheep.

#ITOO hang out with the herd.

#ITOO want everyone to live with peace and love in their heart.

#ITOO have the same core human needs as anyone else.

It’s a journey of self-discovery for me and #ITOO have work to do. It’s hard work but through loving kindness and compassion I am guided to lead AND follow.

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