You Are So Much More Than You Realize

This is my response to you…

When we battle the feelings of emptiness and loneliness, it’s easy to accept the perpetual lie that cycles back and forth in our mind – the dreadful lie of “I am not good enough“. I see it too often – scrolling through my social media feed to read daily outreach, testimony, expressions prescribing to a worldview of ‘I am not good enough’, not seeking solutions to feel better, just outreach for love, protection, affirmation, and compassion.

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Too often I see people ask for advice and encouragement to feel better. They want to hear something good. They want to seek others’ help to feel better. Perhaps reading this short blog post helps people feel better? They hang their head and can’t make sense of who they are. They are “Us” and “We” are “Them” – We are all these people. Let’s face it, most of us do it and need it and heal from the nurturing from others…we crave love and connection and want to be ‘ok’.

What is so drastically wrong in this method of ‘healing through the comfort of others’ is that the pain will come back, over and over and over. Once that outside source of comfort is gone, the other, outside, or external force – so goes your source of comfort – leaving you with the pain of an open wound that just won’t heal on its own.

The root is still there and will eventually produce the weed of negative self-worth, again and again and again. You must ‘pull the roots out’…

Look up on a shelf or visualize a shelf high on the wall and a little, beautiful, very special figurine of yourself with a price tag dangling from it. You have been carefully sat on the top shelf because you are fragile, represent strength, are valuable, and rare. Your price tag is blurred from where you’re standing – but that’s ok because you already know how much you’re worth.

You already know and believe the value of your figurine – so go ahead…nobody’s listening to your thoughts – how…much…are…YOU…worth? First thought that comes to mind? Ask yourself again, how much do you ‘feel’ you’re worth?

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How much value would you place on your figurine sitting up on the shelf?

What is your worth? Why?

How much value do you place on yourself?

What would you write on the price tag of your figurine?

First of all, I’ll say this with certainty – you are on that top shelf because you’re priceless!!

Go back to the entire picture you just drew in your mind and I’ll bet you forgot to acknowledge the fact that your figurine, YOU, are sitting on the top shelf because there is no value of any dollar amount that represents who you are, what you stand for, and who you’re becoming.

I encourage you to memorize this statement:

“I have always been a valuable and rare person that has yet to experience the ‘feeling’ of ‘knowing’ I AM ENOUGH’ – I always have been. I forgive myself and now celebrate. I will lead with my heart and not my broken beliefs’

The lesson – you are priceless and don’t forget that, ever again. It’s a fact!


Jessica McCallister

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