Who Is Good For Your Destiny?

Keep in mind, not everyone can go where you’re going.

Don’t be afraid to give people up. Give people space. The longer you stay, the more terrible their journey may be.

Have you made sensible progress since a person has persisted at being in your life? Why are you waiting? Are you waiting for a CONFIRMATION? Here it is…CUT THEM OFF!

The Bible says we should lay aside all of the weight that is set upon us. Drop the weight. Allow ‘them’ to walk their journey, cross their own bridges, and while not giving up on them, do give them up.

How long will you mourn? Don’t mourn. Rejoice in the life that is ahead of you, not the life that controlled you.

Frustration is becoming an emotional epidemic. Seeing the pain others face is a beautiful sight. Why? In the face of frustration is the opportunity to consistently practice patience.

We are not meant to be in a constant state of questioning our destiny, but we are allowed to practice patience when something needs attention and something needs adjusting. Some things in our life need transformation and the way to achieve the transformation often is riddled with frustration. Can frustration be an indication that we need to give attention to or adjust our expectations?

Everyone has expectations about your life – and many are unspoken. The basic expectations are that we all treat other with loving kindness and compassion and when you are not treated the same way, you become frustrated. Giving someone something they want, when THEY don’t know what they want is just a cycle of conscious choice of self-betrayal.

Yes, self-betrayal.

Don’t betray yourself. Expect from yourself, not others. Can you depend on others? Sure, but be sure that the weight that is set upon you isn’t too heavy for you to carry. Work within your means.

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