(OREGON) – I’ll admit, I have no clue what ‘fracking’ is. Like many of you, I’m sure you’ve just watched THE debate between the two tonight. I live in Eastern Oregon and am a well-educated 40-year old that has never, ironically, intersected with this fancy word ‘fracking’ until this year.

I still haven’t ‘Googled’ the term yet, but from what I can tell after watching the news tonight is that it is something to do with oil or energy?

I can care less about what fracking is…actually. It’s a non-issue to me. I don’t have enough capacity to care about everything. Even though the output of fracking most likely impacts me at a very close level, I don’t feel connected to the topic…whatsoever. It just doesn’t cross my radar and I can’t seem to build up any energy to think about fracking and oil and gas and blah blah…

I’m fairly certain others would identify…

But, I’ll tell you what blows my mind – – – why are they lying about who has said what to who and when and where and who said this and that?? It’s like the most grotesque thing I see everyday, all day…on the news. Doesn’t matter what news channel, the absolute lying is like the most atrotious thing I’ve ever seen.

I honestly feel very spit on tonight…it’s an odd feeling seeing people lie directly in front of you in real time. Think about it. These two adults were sitting in front of the entire nation trying to share their views on all these topics…but when fracking was mentioned, the response from both of them were…




I teach statistics, folks. If the opinions are on completely opposite sides of the spectrum, that’s representative of a spectrum of diversity – however, diversity is oppressed when responses are completely opposite – when the question posed is as such requiring a fact-based answer.

I don’t care about the content, I care about the intent. What do you care about?


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