Examine Your Roots

“Roots. Like roots on a plant?”

“Hmmm…like roots of our thinking?” 🤔

“Roots of our culture and how we automatically think?”

“Roots of a tree?”

They all take form in the same way; they have shape that is impossible to replicate. Like a snowflake, perhaps. Yes. Like snowflakes.

Every human has roots, too.

Where we come from. Who our parents come from…

Who our parents weren’t.

The customs and rituals of our upbringing have roots. We all have roots just like trees and plants. And – just like trees and plants, our roots are deeply hidden underneath the surface.

When I draft ideas for my life journey and venture into Pull The Roots Out…I always think deeply. I have wondered for many years how our roots of thinking – the ultimate “why” of our behaviors, result as they do.

But, deeply thinking comes with burden; NO question is ever answered. No truth is really discovered- it’s hard to grapple with.

I’ve always been a critical thinker; always asking how things work and why. I’ve always been a curious person.

I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t experience pain and suffering. Yes. I’ve experienced pain…and suffering…and just like so many, have wondered where the roots of my struggles come from.

I’ve had friends and lovers from all walks of life. I was married for 12 years. I’ve read more professional works over the past 15 years than fathomable…it’s all just a blur…

Ive heard the same stories over and over and have spent countless hours with drug addicts, holding their hand, as they shed tears of shame. There hasn’t been a day that goes by that I don’t wish for everyone to feel better and the roots of suffering have to be examined.

YOUR roots of suffering are waiting to be explored and examined…your journey awaits – make it a great one.

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