Book Chapter Unveil: ‘The Introduction’

Yes, you read that right! I'm unveiling the Introduction Chapter of my book. I'm excited to share my ideas with the world through the form of writing. I've been secretly working on this book for almost 2 years - and now that my schedule has opened up, I have lots of time to finish it. … Continue reading Book Chapter Unveil: ‘The Introduction’

Finding ‘YOUR’ Keywords

If my upcoming words enlighten anyone, then this post is not for nothing.  I was going through my laptop files and looking around at old documents that I’ve saved. I came across an old business plan I wrote about 5 years ago discussing my thoughts and projections of what ‘Pull The Roots Out’ could accomplish. I had … Continue reading Finding ‘YOUR’ Keywords

You Don’t ‘Have Trauma’

What a great topic to discuss; trauma. So many professionals help clients that have experienced some type of trauma over the course of their lifespan, but do the people that are being helped know what trauma means? I ask this question because I wonder how many people know they have experienced trauma? How many people … Continue reading You Don’t ‘Have Trauma’

Takeaway’s From My Lifespan

I've wanted to do some writing about the takeaways of my experiences of working with people across my lifespan. I won't discuss their problems or stories, but I do feel very drawn to reflecting on the takeaway's from those exchanges. So many stories, so many children, so many parents...where do I start? The first thing … Continue reading Takeaway’s From My Lifespan

Why is it so hard to be alone?

So many people have asked me throughout the years why it is so hard to be alone. I thought this was a fitting topic to discuss as we are in the middle of a pandemic scenario. As we are all aware, the pandemic of 2020 has stricken the entire world and we are all scared. … Continue reading Why is it so hard to be alone?